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Turn your mobile phone into an electronic predator call. 25 perfect predator calls right in your pocket.Predator call is a simple and handy app with a variety of high quality predator / varmint hunting calls. Each sound was made to be crystal clear. Use it to train your own hunting call or test your skill to bring in predators. Please check your local law for legal use if you intend to use the calls for hunting.Features:Setting your favorite call as ringtoneIncluded calls:Bobcat DistressBobcat Growl Bird Squeaker Chicken Distress Cottontail Distress Coyote Challenge Bark Coyote Chatter Howl Coyote Greeting Howl Coyote Group Howl Coyote Hurt Pup Coyote Locator Coyote Talk Fawn Distress Gray Fox Distress High Pitched Squeal Jackrabbit Distress Mouse Distress Mouse Squeal Raccoon Red Fox Distress Rodent Squeak 1 Rodent Squeak 2 Squirrel Distress Wolf Howl Woodpecker Distress To extend the range, connect the Android phone to an external speaker.Any suggestions are welcomed! Thanks you!

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